Suggestions for improving the City of Lawrence’s website

Per the recently announced News Release, ‘City seeks citizen input about website,’ issued by the City of Lawrence, Ks on Tuesday, February 15, 2011, here’s one suggestion:

The menu on the left side, which lists City Commission, Resources, etc., and the main navigation links at the top of the page – as featured on this very page  – should always appear on EVERY page to make it easier to navigate to another part of the City’s site.

An example of why this is important is found on the Social Service Funding page – which does NOT include the menu for City Commission, Resources, etc. – but instead has replaced it with its own ‘internal’ menu. Such internal menu should be included in addition to the City’s main menu NOT replace it. Perhaps the right side of the page is where internal menus for specific city departments, advisory boards, etc., should be located?

Note: The above suggestion for improving the City of Lawrence’s website was submitted to the City via their online feedback form. Other suggestions are encouraged.

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