Etiquette guidelines for posting messages on Facebook and Twitter

Organizations: are you aware of how you are being portrayed with social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter – especially if you have not instituted etiquette guidelines for the person posting your announcements for everyone to read?

  • Use your organizations’ social media accounts solely for organization business and not for personal messages. For example, do you really want someone to read on Twitter that your organization thinks that you should ‘Stay outta the cold…it sucks outside?’ How do you think such a statement would appeal to out-of-town visitors whom you would otherwise be trying to encourage to visit your facility or event?
  • Speak with one consistent voice and use the first-person plural – i.e., we, us, our – to represent your organization. Using the first-person singular – e.g., I, me, mine – will make it seem that your organization comprises just one individual and, perhaps, compromise your bona fide status as an organization. Do you really want everyone to read about the personal adventures of one of your organization’s members, as in this Tweet: ‘Noticing that accepting a friend request carries the instruction “Write on wall”. I’ll get my crayons out, then.’

Social media can become powerful tools to promote your organization’s image and communicate your organization’s messages if used wisely. However, if abused, your organization’s integrity will become compromised and your potential audience might think twice before experiencing what you have to offer.

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